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issue 5 is a 176 paged independant publication themed Sex, demons, costume, Halloween and Germany. Contributors include Paul McCarthy, Jess Maybury, Dexter Lander, Keith Boadwee, Raphael Bliss, Verity Mackey, Joshua Bentley, Ron Athey, Caitlin Curran, Hamish Wirgman, Gabriella Pounds, Philomena Epps, Hannah Diamond, Mimi Wade, Danny Reed, Danielle Emerson, Racheal Crowther, Chris Maggio, Kinglsey Ifill, Melchoir Tersen, Ivar Wigan, Zaina Miuccia....
Expect GUT take on Slasher movies, Casper the friendly ghost, Diablo in suburbia, Snow white in suburbia, well known faces in costumes how you've never seen them before, Trolls, Clowns, Sex performers, Ghost trains, suckling puppies, human cows milked by the Maybury sisters and much more. Includes sticker page with designs by Sam Taylor, Jack Sachs, Thomas Slater, Kyle Platts,m Pete Sharp, Chris Harnan and Jay Wright.

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